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Triangles on a Roll Triangle Paper Selected Sizes


This is the Triangles on a Roll Paper.  Choose between finished block sizes of 4", 4 1/2" or 5".  You can make from one roll the following:

  • Up to 600 HSTs for 3" finished block.
  • Up to 540 HSTs for 3 1/2" finished block.
  • Up to 485 HSTs for 4" finished block. 
  • Up to 222 HSTs for 4 1/2" finished block.
  • Up to 204 HSTs for 5" finished block.

Triangles on a Roll™ triangle paper allows you to create perfectly accurate half-square triangle units in any size and amount you need for your next quilt. Unroll and cut just what you need, then roll it back up for easy storage.